5 Emergency Reasons to Call In a Plumber

5 Emergency Reasons to Call In a Plumber

It’s a fact of life that plumbing emergencies will happen in the middle of the night, on weekends and holidays, and when you have a house full of company. We recently had a situation where we had to make a decision about waiting until the next day to call the plumber Abington homeowners use or bite the bullet and request an emergency house call. We were glad we made the decision we did, and have learned there are occasions when calling a plumber is necessary, no matter what time it is.

  1. Call when a water pipe bursts.

We had pipes burst in our basement a few years ago and didn’t even know it had happened until that evening when someone went downstairs to load the washer. With the basement filling up with water, and no water coming out of the faucets, we found the water valve and turned it off. After that, we called the plumber.

  1. Call if your toilet is clogged.

This is really a judgment call. If you have more than one bathroom, and no medical situation that requires a specific toilet, you should probably wait until normal business hours to call a plumber. Since we only have one bathroom in our house, we were forced to call the plumber Abington neighbors recommended after we had tried and failed to unclog the toilet on our own.

  1. Call if your pipes are frozen.

Everyone knows you’re supposed to leave the water running when the temperature is below freezing, but not everyone does it. If the pipes burst, there will be flooding. You’ll know if your pipes are frozen if you don’t have any water during a hard freeze. The best advice is to shut off the water and call the plumber before the water starts thawing in the pipes.

  1. Call if you smell gas.

You might not think this is something for the plumber, but it is. If you smell gas, you should leave the house immediately and call your plumber. A plumber Abington loves told us that they work with the utility companies to handle these kinds of situations. He also told us most of their clients don’t realize plumbers are involved with copper pipes and natural gas furnaces.

  1. Call if the sewer backs up or you don’t have water.

Both of these situations are health hazards. You can’t afford to wait until regular business hours to address them. When these issues arise you won’t be able to use the toilets or bathe. Calling a plumber is certainly justified.

Emergencies happen. It’s not always possible to handle them on your own. If you have a plumbing emergency, call the plumber Abington homeowners prefer right away!

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