Common Signs its Time to Replace the Water Heater

Water heaters average a lifespan of about 12 years whether a gas or electric unit. Tankless water heaters offer much longer lifespans averaging 20 years. Despite average lifespans, there is never any guarantee that your products last this length of time, especially without proper upkeep and maintenance. Pay attention to your water heater and the many signs that suggest trouble so you can replace the unit when it is time. Common signs it is time to call our local plumber serving Philadelphia to replace your water heater include those on the following list.

1- Age

If your water heater made it the entire lifespan, pat yourself on the back for a job well done and begin shopping for a new unit. A water heater that has exceeded its lifespan only causes trouble from this point forward. It’s done its work and now it’s time to move on with help from our local plumber serving Philadelphia. As a bonus, you will no longer miss the updated features the old model lacks.

2- Leaks

Some water heater leaks can be repaired but most often, it makes more sense to go ahead and replace the unit. Leaks occur due to condensation in the inside of the tank that has caused rust. You can do so much to remedy rust damage. Replace the water heater to put your money toward a product that has years of long-lasting value in-store.

3- Frequent Repairs

Find the need to call a repairman more often than you care to admit? You’re wasting money on this service. Go ahead and browse the new water heaters or reach out to a professional who can guide you through the new units and their benefits for your household.

4- Rusty Water

If the hot water is rusty when it comes out of your faucet, this is an indication the inside has begun to rust. Make water heater replacement a top priority if you notice rusty water.

5- Noises

Notice the water heater making unusual noises? It should offer practically noise-free operation so when you hear noises, something is wrong. Whether the noise sounds like crackling, sizzling, or something else, it is likely caused by sediment buildup. The added noises cause vibrations that can damage the inside of the unit if you need more encouragement to make repairs fast.

Our local plumber serving Philadelphia offers new water heater installation and service. Pay attention to the signs above and call us when it is time. We’d love to help replace your water heater.

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