Drain Cleaning in Philadelphia

Plumbing is one of the most delicate projects in your household that needs experience and specialized techniques to handle. However, there are simple tasks such as fitting a new showerhead or tightening a loose faucet that don’t need you to get a plumber. Complex projects such as waste management and drain cleaning in Philadelphia need you to work with a professional service such as Goodman Plumbing.

Most homeowners think of drain cleaning as an easy task that requires a few tutorials, a liquid drain cleaner, and a homemade snake device to deal with. However, these are temporary fixes that, in most cases, are ineffective and could cause more damage to your system. Here’s why you shouldn’t DIY your drain cleaning.

Liquid Drain Cleaners Damage Pipes and the Environment

Most people think that pouring liquid drain cleaners into the sink or shower drain is the best way to clean their drainage system. However, this is not the best course of action since most cleaners are made using powerful chemicals that can damage your pipes and pollute the environment. Lack of proper knowledge of how these chemicals react also puts you at risk. When you don’t know how these chemicals react when mixed, it can lead to a serious problem. When mixed incorrectly, these chemicals produce toxic fumes that could harm your family.

It’s advisable to get a professional to handle drain cleaning since most of them are trained and certified to use safe methods. They are also knowledgeable on how different chemicals work and are likely to keep chemical use to the minimum, thus protecting the environment.

You Don’t Know the Cause of the Blockage

Not every blockage or clog is caused by grease or food materials. Others are caused by leakages and other materials. However, without a plumber’s expertise and specialized tools, it is difficult to locate the exact problem. Starting a DIY project such as drain cleaning is not advisable, especially if you don’t know what you are dealing with. For example, you could be cleaning your drainage system to remove clogged materials when it’s corroded pipes causing the plumbing issue. Besides cleaning the system, you may need to repair these sections to prevent further damage.

Instead of relying on guesswork, it’s best to get a plumber with the right experience and tools to check your drainage system and identify the issue. This way, they can decide the best course of action to deal with the plumbing problem.

Handmade Tools Can Damage Your Drainage

Searching online for ways to clean your drain yields various results, including how to use string, coat hangers, and other materials to unclog and clean your drains. Most of these homemade materials are not designed for plumbing and shouldn’t be used for a DIY project. Using long and sharp objects can damage your piping, leading to leakages and corrosion, creating more problems.

Buying the equipment needed may not solve the problem, especially if you don’t know how to use them. It’s also worth noting that most homeowners’ insurance covers don’t pay for DIY fails. 

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