Sump Pump Repair in Pennsylvania

Sump pumps are an important part of any home in a flood-prone area. A sump pump helps to keep your basement dry by pumping water out of the lowest part of your home and away from the foundation. Goodman Plumbing offers sump pump repair in Pennsylvania, HVAC services, and water heater repair. They can help you get your sump pump ready for the summer storms. 

Check the Power Source

A sump pump requires a reliable power source to work properly. If your pump is not connected to a backup power source, such as a generator, it will not be able to operate during a power outage. If your sump pump is not connected to a backup power source, we can help you to install one.

The first thing our experts will do is check the power source for your sump pump. We will ensure that it is plugged in correctly and that the breaker is not tripped. If the pump is tripped, we will reset it for you. We will also check the batteries to ensure they are charged and ready to go.

Clean the Pump

Next, we will clean the pump itself. We will remove any debris that may have gotten into the pump during the winter months and ensure that the impeller is not damaged. This is an important part of sump pump repair in Pennsylvania because a clean pump will work more efficiently and last longer.

We use the latest technology and equipment to repair your sump pump so you can rest assured that your basement will stay dry all summer long. This will give you the peace of mind to enjoy the rainy season and the summer storms.

Inspect the Discharge Line

Mostly the discharge pump is made of plastic so that it can crack over time. We will inspect the discharge line for any cracks and replace it if necessary. The discharge line is the pipe that carries the water away from your home. We will inspect it to make sure there are no cracks or leaks. We will also clear any debris that may be blocking the line. This will ensure that the water can flow freely and that your basement will not flood.

Replace the Pump

Repair services are done on a pump that isn’t working as it should be to ensure it will work better and last longer. When considering a pump repair, you will need to consider if the repair cost is worth more than replacing the pump.

If your sump pump is more than five years old, it is time to replace it. We will help you select the right pump for your home and install it for you. A new sump pump will be more efficient and will last longer.

Test the Pump

Once we have repaired any damage and cleaned the pump, we will test it to ensure it is working properly. We will fill the sump pit with water and turn on the pump. We will then check to see that the water is pumped out of the pit and away from your home.

Contact Goodman Plumbing Today

If you live in a flood-prone area, it is important to ensure that your sump pump is in good working condition. Goodman Plumbing can help you get your sump pump ready for the summer storms. We offer sump pump repair in Pennsylvania and can do everything from checking the power source to testing the pump. Give us a call today to schedule a repair.

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