The Importance Of Drain Cleaning

Drains are more than likely one of the most overlooked components of the many water processing appliances millions of homeowners and building patrons employ on a daily basis. However, these key features process the waste materials pipes process and safely transport away from residential and commercial properties. 

Over time, these substances can precipitate clogs and other potentially significant problems. The professionals working for Goodman Plumbers, rated amongst the top plumbers in Philadelphia invite our longstanding and prospective new customers to read the following brief overview highlighting the importance of professional drain cleaning. 

The Professional Cleaning Process

The top plumbers in Philadelphia execute the drain cleansing process through the use of specially-designed tools including:

*Drain Snakes. Also referred to as augers, these long, thin, metal contraptions equipped with motorized end pieces are capable of penetrating into piping and breaking up stubborn or difficult to reach clogs. 

*Video Inspection Equipment. These devices often present as elongated, wired cables with small cameras affixed to their tops. When extended inside piping, the camera captures images enabling the examining plumber to identify the specific location where the clog or other problem originates from. 

*Hydro-Jetters. These devices use increased pressure to break through large clogs caused by substances like grease and mineral deposits. 

Though some of these products might be available for public purchase, said items should only be employed by professionals. Plumbing contractors are especially trained to operate this equipment and possess the acumen to use said devices without harming the structural integrity of a home or building’s plumbing system. 

Benefits Of Professional Cleaning

Clog Elimination

Even what appear to be the most minor clogs should be addressed promptly. Obstructions, regardless of their severity, interrupt proper drainage. Over time, said occurrence places undue strain on surrounding pipes, which often shortens the lifespan of said objects. 

Limit Repair Expenses

Severe clogs or leaking pipes could result in drainage malfunction, waste backups, and flood-inducing leakages. These issues possess the capacity to precipitate serious damage that will cost significant money in labor and restoration costs. 


Clogged drains often result in bathroom and kitchen sinks to retain unsightly materials such as:

*Leftover food particles

*Soap scum


*Corrosive cleansing products like bleach

Not only do these substances cause dirty messes but might also leave behind unpleasant odors. 

How Frequently Should Drains Receive Professional Attention?

Plumbing contractors maintain the answer to this inquiry depends upon several factors such as:

*How large the residence or commercial property in question is

*The frequency with which the sinks or shower facilities are utilized

*The type of material regularly placed down said drainage systems

*The age of the home or building in question

As a general rule, many plumbing professionals opine that drainage maintenance should be executed at least once per year. 

Contacting Us

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